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Anonymous sent: I went to Sephora and asked them to match my nipple color to my lips and I was asked to leave. I don't know why I thought that was an actual trend and now I'm super embarrassed. :( I'll never be able to go back there

What? Stop…hahaha

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heikki marila exhibition 

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Because of cognitive dissonance it is very hard… basically impossible for white people to tell the truth about history. The most dangerous thing a person of color can do is let this white controlled education system teach your child about him or herself. White people have no interest in telling the truth, when it comes to history their only goal is to boost the false sense of importance and self esteem of their white children. Everyday I ask my niece what they taught her in school today and then I tell her the truth. My Grandfather RIP had a saying “If a whitey say the sky is blue, ya betta go outside an check”

I learned everything about my people’s history and culture from my daddy. School never once taught me a thing.

Anonymous sent: i hope you don't mind me asking what lipstick you are wearing in the latest selfie in your gpoy tag. it looks flawless!!

It’s Revlon Colorburst #070 Soft Nude!

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Use the American flag as toilet paper

Stomp on it with muddy boots

Spit on it

Hang it up side down

Desecrate and forsake it like they do Black & Brown bodies every 28 hours

Burn it to a crisp and cackle over the ashes

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Anonymous sent: You're so beautiful.

Thank you kindly:)

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Vampire Metamorphosis II by Takato Yamamoto


Vampire Metamorphosis II by Takato Yamamoto

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